FMA awesome half mask

My favourite manufacturer is at it again. They added new mask to their line of products. And for all you CQB junkies is awesome addition. I am getting one myself.

FMA TB1296 4

FMA TB1296-ACU 5

FMA TB1296-AOR1 5

FMA TB1296-AT 5


FMA TB1296-BK 5

FMA TB1296-DE 5

FMA TB1296-FG 5

FMA TB1296-HLD 5

FMA TB1296-MC 5

FMA TB1296-SW 5

FMA TB1296-TYP 5

1: The front position with ventilating hole, it made from TPE material which is thermoplastic elastomer. with high strength and high elasticity.

2: The head tape can adjust at double resilience. quickly adjusting buckle. It can make the mask comfortable on the face, can’t move easy.

3: The buccula position of mask made from sandwich fabric , which instead of steel wire. Better match the face, feel more comfortable.


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