FMA Flashing Bonger Pouch

There is a new addition to the FMA line of products. This one works great when you need to safely store the grenades.

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Description :

  1. Select strategic area on the vest.
    2. Insert the vest clips into the vests strips (clips can be inserted between the stitches).
    3. To lock the device on to the vest, pull each vest clip outwards until the clips click (the latch on the back of the device will
    secure the device). Verify that the device is locked.
    4. To remove the device from the vest: pull each vest clip outwards to disconnect the latch from the device and remove
    from the vest.

fma tb1256 bk 11 fma tb1256 bk 12

Loading the device

  1. Open the top cover.
    2. Thread the Pull string to safety ring (no need to move the safety ring).
    3. Insert the grenade in the device; verify that the spoon (lever) is secured in spoon protection.
    4. Close the top cover.
    5. Thread the pull string to the hook on the back of the device, verify that it is secure.
    6. Lock the buttons by lifting the safety release.

To remove the grenade from the Device:

  1. Disconnect the pull string from the hook.
    2. Open the safety catch and press the buttons.
    3. Disconnect the pull string from the hook.
    4. Remove the pull string from the safety ring.
    5. Remove the grenade.
    6. Close the top cover.

Operating Instructions

  1. Select the desired hand for extraction of grenade.
    2. Place hand on device and wrap hand around, place fingers on the buttons.
    3. Open safety catch, press fingers on the buttons.
    4. Hold the grenade in hand, (verify that you’re holding the spoon (lever) and quickly extract the grenade from the device.

And now you can have it in even more friendly colours.

f fma tb1256 bk 1 fma tb1256 bl 1(1) fma tb1256 de 1 fma tb1256 fg 1 fma tb1256 od 1 fma tb1256 pk 1(2)

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