GHK STEN MKII Miniature Model Gun Coming Soon in 2017

Today’s news from GHK are focused on one of the most iconic guns of WWII. STEN MKII which came in to service after the Dunkirk disaster where allied forces lost a lot of weapons and they had to replace them soon and in great quantities. So STEN was born.

The Sten was a blowback-operated submachine gun firing from an open bolt with a fixed firing pin on the face of the bolt. This means the bolt remains to the rear when the weapon is cocked, and on pulling the trigger the bolt flies forward under spring pressure, stripping the round from the magazine, chambering it and firing the weapon all in the same movement. There is no breech locking mechanism, the rearward movement of the bolt caused by the recoil impulse is arrested only by the mainspring and the bolt’s inertia. The basic operating principles were similar to those of the German MP40, Russian PPSh-41, US M3 submachine gun and numerous other designs. These shared similar attributes and faults; they were simple and cheap to manufacture, and put an automatic weapon into the hands of soldiers, greatly increasing the short-range firepower of the infantry, especially when the main infantry weapon was a bolt-action rifle capable of only around 15 rounds per minute and not suited for short-range combat. However, the open-bolt firing and use of pistol ammunition severely restricted accuracy, with an effective range of around 100m.

Today’s news from GHK are in a fact an announcement of arrival of many new replicas in the future. So this is only the first in the line of many.


“GHK 1/2” STEN MKII Miniature Model Gun Coming Soon in 2017

We are newly established the the project of GHK 1/2 gun this year, and will release 1/2 miniature model gun series in the future.
In the 2017, first we will release STEN MKII 1/2 miniature model gun with end user price US$99.
The gun is made of steel without firing pin. All the details are simulated and allow user operating shell ejection.









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