FMA and their new replica of PVS18

FMA is well known producer of excellent replicas. Whose focus is centered on airsoft players whose gear must be spot on and true to the original. A lot of their gear found it’s way in to movies where their attention to detail really stood out. This time they are introducing their new addition to the store. It is a replica of a well known night vision optic whose possession marks you as a member of elite US Marines. But owning this replica would not set you back your kidney. As the price o the original is somewhere around that mark. So if you wish to upgrade the look of your gear to military standards then this PVS18 replica is what you are looking for.


FMA PVS18 1 : 1 Real Metal Version Dummy (New Style)TB1206

Manufacturer: FMA
Material: aluminum metal + PA66
Weight: 280 g
Function: model


fma-tb1206-bk-1 fma-tb1206-bk-2 fma-tb1206-bk-3 fma-tb1206-bk-4 fma-tb1206-bk-6 fma-tb1206-bk-7 fma-tb1206-bk-8 fma-tb1206-bk-14 fma-tb1206-bk-174

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