King Arms: CAA RONI Chassis Galore

The CAA products found their niche even between airsoft players. For all that want to convert their airsoft GBB pistol to a functional rifle here they have the chance. King Arms line of airsoft products made by CAA is all they need.


Thank you very much for supporting CAA Airsoft Division and we really appreciated it. We are extremely glad that players out there enjoy all our products.

CAA Airsoft RONI-B , RONI SI1 & RONI G1 Pistol Carbine Conversion for Beretta M9/M9A1 , P226 & Glock BK & DE Re-Stock now!


The CAA Airsoft?RONI-B , RONI SI1 & RONI G1?Pistol-Carbine Conversion is ergonomic designed and equipped with ambidextrous front and rear sling mounts, and a large charging handle. Charging the weapon is easy and it is very user friendly for both left and right handed operators. It is integrated with a CNC machined Aluminum top and two side rails for mounting accessories, and a Nylon Fiber lower rail to mount any forearm grip. The CAA Airsoft RONI is equipped with an adjustable 5 positions buttstock, and features a spare magazine holder for faster reloading. The adjustable cheek rest on the buttstock is removable.

The CAA Airsoft RONI Pistol-Carbine Conversion for Beretta?M9/M9A1 , P226 & Glock?Pistol-Carbine includes a pair of flip-up sights, a detachable folding forearm grip and a charging handle.


Picture for reference only:

CAD-SK-06-BK/DE?(CAA Airsoft RONI-B Pistol Carbine Conversion for Beretta M9/M9A1):

001 002 003 004

CAD-SK-03-BK/DE?(CAA Airsoft RONI SI1 Pistol Carbine Conversion for P226):

005 006 007 008


CAD-SK-01-BK/DE?(CAA Airsoft RONI G1 Pistol Carbine Conversion for Glock):

009 010 011 012

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